Voice Technologies presentation at Te.De.S.

Yesterday I went to Te.De.S. (importer of several audio professional goods) to joint a Voice Technologies presentation.

Voice Technologies is a Swiss company that manufactured lavalier microphones, earphones, headset and shotgun.

Michel Hausmann, General Manager della Voice Technologies, introduced all products.

Lavalier and headset microphones

VT500 series are a small, rectangular microphones moulded in one piece. Polar pattern is omnidirectional. VT500water/VT506water is waterproof certified IPX-7 (1 meter underwater for 30 minutes) but Voice Technologies technicians had successfully tested these gear into a lake 20meters underwater.

VT400 and VT700 (headset) series are a smallest microphones on the marketplace and moulded in one piece too.

VT720 is a particular strong headset version.

VT900 series are a particulary headset system, it’s a single soft earhanger.

All headset can easy change cable.

Shotgun microphone

VT5000 is a shotgun microphone, very light and short.

Earphons system

VT60 and VT600 are earphones systems. They are composed by a very small amplifier with an acoustic tube to address the sound to eardrum. There are several kind of hangers.


All series had many accesories like clip or windscreen or electret phantom adapter.

My impression

It has been a very interesting discover, all products were excellently designed and Voice Technologies had pristine solution about microphones building.

I tried several products and I have been very impressed for high quality and sturdy of these gears and, last but not least, for their cheapness.

I recommend you to take a look.



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