Great jazz concert at Memo restaurant (Milan)

Last night I worked to record a jazz concert at Memo Restaurant to present a new jazz school in Milan: Born4Music Jazz Department

This show was wonderful and musicians (and teachers too) were great performers.

Giovanni Mazzarino (piano and director of studies), Cinzia Roncelli (vocal), Simone Daclon (piano), Niccolò Cattaneo (hammond), Giuseppe Mirabella (el. guitar), Michele Bozza (sax), Dino Rubino (trumpet), Humberto Amesquita (trombone), Alex Orciari (double bass) and Roberto Paglieri (drums).

I recorded with Joeco BlackBox BBR1U at 96kHz@24bit.

Next week I’ll mix in my studio with Logic and as soon as possible I upload some songs on my Soundcloud account.

Thanks to the kind cooperation of Memo’s resident technic Martino

Cheers 😉

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