today I want explain what is In oUr ATtitude WE truST.

Related about many troubles in the current music market and where it’s mainly checking real better quality and price ratio. I started “In oUr ATtitude WE truST” promotional project with this blog where my work is gather together and available by video, audio and articles on several topics (like novelty gears previews or studio recording news) and in particulary to explain the ways I work, which equipment I use, how and why.

“In our attitude we trust” is a keywords to illustrate our searchkeeping to excellence.

I created the acronym IU AT WEST from the keywords to remember it easily.

IUATWEST project is made to propose you, in particulary to foreigner musicians, a whole package in which you can find my studio, my experience, accomodation and cultural opportunities such as clubs, theaters, museums and exhibitions in Milan (IT).

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the invisible art in broadcasting: voiceover and dubbing


since 1998,  I had experienced as a technicians in dubbing and voiceover. I worked as a sound technician for a short time at Studio P.V. in Milan and several years after I did dubbings in my studio.

Currently I’m also working to make available an online dubbing service.

In addition I organized some courses and seminars of dubbing with the collaboration of Ms. Lisa Mazzotti, a fine dubbing actress and director. Unfortunately she was forced to stop it.

Next week I’ll meet the likely candidate to substitute her.

Stay tuned,


Great jazz concert at Memo restaurant (Milan)

Last night I worked to record a jazz concert at Memo Restaurant to present a new jazz school in Milan: Born4Music Jazz Department

This show was wonderful and musicians (and teachers too) were great performers.

Giovanni Mazzarino (piano and director of studies), Cinzia Roncelli (vocal), Simone Daclon (piano), Niccolò Cattaneo (hammond), Giuseppe Mirabella (el. guitar), Michele Bozza (sax), Dino Rubino (trumpet), Humberto Amesquita (trombone), Alex Orciari (double bass) and Roberto Paglieri (drums).

I recorded with Joeco BlackBox BBR1U at 96kHz@24bit.

Next week I’ll mix in my studio with Logic and as soon as possible I upload some songs on my Soundcloud account.

Thanks to the kind cooperation of Memo’s resident technic Martino

Cheers 😉

A workshop about microphones and mastering Mid-Side technique


today I took part of workshop about microphones and mastering Mid-Side technique with a special speaker Andy Eschenwecker, designer and chairman of Vertigo Sound.

In the morning he explained about stereo microphone technique and he compared coincident (A-B) and no-coincident microphone array (XY and M/S) regard mono compatibility and critically ambience. He explored the connection between stereo wide and microphone levels, or polar pattern of Mid microphone, into Mid-Side technique.

In the afternoon he showed his gears: VSC-2 compressor on single track or group or mixbus and VSM-2 MS extension on stereo tracks.

Very impressive.

Thanks for organization to Funky Junk chain store – Milan

Bye 🙂

Andy Eschenwecker

at right Andy