DAD AX32: test in progress in my studio – part One


today mr. Mauro Piatti, manager of Te.De.S., and Laura Lionti delivered in my studio the new DAD product: audio converter AX32.

This is a modular system which manage many options: eight to thirtytwo channel AD/DA/DD, AD Mic pre, DA gain control and sample rate from 44.1 to 384 kHz. Connections avalaible AES3, MADI coax/optical, ProTools interface and Dante (TM) protocol (ethernet IP).

Ax32 is controlled by a simply hardware interface (sample rate and sync) or by DADman software to manage internal I/O routing.

I chained AX32 with my Apogee Rosetta 800 by AES/EBU and we compared them in real time.

We listed (me, mr. Piatti and ms. Lionti) my live recording at Memo restaurant recorded at 96kHz@24bit and several master finalized in my studio.

We agreed that DAD AX32 has a superb and depth sound and in particulary a better mid-low frequency detail (very important for intelligibility) and a superior presence of the high frequency.

Tomorrow I’ll test further and get back to you.


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