Opening night concert

Sunday February 09, I recorded two melodramas (orchestral composition with actress), an opening night concert, commissioned by Milano Classica to authors Pippo Molino and Clemente Rebora (Una segreta domanda / A secret question) and Carlo Galante and Gabriela Fantato (Il patto d’amore / The love contract) .

The event took place in a wonderful context, a beautiful Liberty Palace, whose design dates back to 1908.

Milano Classica Ensemble, under Maestro Gianluca Capuano’s careful direction and Mrs. Pamela Ricucci’s performing voice, had a great success and took a round of applause.

A pic from concert

A pic from concert

For recording I used high quality tools like Shoeps Microphones. (series Colette) and Millenia HV-3C microphone preamplifier. Joeco BlackBox BBR1U recorder confirmed its great reliability and high sound quality.



today I want explain what is In oUr ATtitude WE truST.

Related about many troubles in the current music market and where it’s mainly checking real better quality and price ratio. I started “In oUr ATtitude WE truST” promotional project with this blog where my work is gather together and available by video, audio and articles on several topics (like novelty gears previews or studio recording news) and in particulary to explain the ways I work, which equipment I use, how and why.

“In our attitude we trust” is a keywords to illustrate our searchkeeping to excellence.

I created the acronym IU AT WEST from the keywords to remember it easily.

IUATWEST project is made to propose you, in particulary to foreigner musicians, a whole package in which you can find my studio, my experience, accomodation and cultural opportunities such as clubs, theaters, museums and exhibitions in Milan (IT).

Check out my price list here



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Technical backstage: a small summary


in that 2013’s last sunday I want write technical backstage section’s small summary.

I spoke about:

05 january 2014 I’ll start with new article about my eighties analog consolle D&R Dayner.

Happy new year!


Choir Aspis live recording


yesterday I recorded the Aspis choir in concert at S.Ambrogio Church, Rozzano vecchia (MI).

I used Shoeps and AKG microphones, Millenia HV-3R preamplifier and Joeco BlackBox BBR1U recorder.

I recorded at 96kHz@24bit.

This was the last session to bring up the audio material to make their new album.


Aspis Choir – 2013 december 15


Joeco BlackBox BBR1U with Millenia HV-3R

The concert was recorded on video, coming soon I’ll link videoclip.