Technical backstage: D’Anca minipassive EQ

It’s not a didactic section (when needed I’ll link related pages on manufacturer site) but so as to explain my approach to recording.

After my analog consolle D&R Dayner I want speak about a fine piece of gear, which you found a couple into my control room: D’Anca minipassive equalizer.

D'Anca minipassive EQ

D’Anca minipassive EQ

Michele D’Anca laboratory is in Milan and his products are handmade with great quality and attention.

Minipassive is a passive EQ like EQP-1 Pultec program equalizer with some added frequencies.

EQP-1 is originally made in 1951 by Ollie Summerland and Gene Shank (*) and it works with solid state electronics (EQ section) and three tubes (one to AC rectifier and two to amp section)(**).

The first time which I tried passive EQ it was the Waves PuigTec EQP-1A plug-in and I loved it because it adds a depth and tridimensional sound on my ITB mixes.

I like D’Anca minipassive much more than any similar plug-in because it adds more warmth and solid sound to instruments.

Generally I use it on drums stereo group to add a solid low frequency and a breezy high end and kick, snare and cymbals are grateful. Others tracks like bass, guitars and vocals have a good time with it.

I tested my D’Anca minipassive EQ with SpectraFoo Complete, to display how it operate.



(*) history by Universal Audio website

(**) Pultec EQP-1 electronic

Disclaimer: I tested this gear with care, nevertheless this test is inevitably affected by my opinion and possible analyzer gear and software imprecisions.

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