Schoeps V4 U presentation at our studio


last tuesday june 03, 2014 Te.De.S. (Schoeps, Millenia, DAD and others brands importer) presented Schoeps V4 U, studio vocal microphone at our studio. The participants were many and the event was very positive feedback.

Shoeps V4 U presentation

Shoeps V4 U presentation

I contributed with them to prepare a session to compare it with Neumann U87ai (worldwide vocal microphone reference) and Schoeps Colette series CMC6 MK4 (classic Shoeps small diaphragm).

Schoeps V4 U capsule has a new small-diaphragm capsule architecture, with bevelled collar for controlling the polar response.

Shoeps V4 U capsule

Shoeps V4 U capsule

The look of the V4 U is based on the Schoeps CM51/3 from 1951, finished in a elegant blue or grey color. They are available two kind of suspension: SGV stand clamp and USM-V4 elastic suspension (by Rycote).

I recorded a female singer with all microphones together with the same preamplifier Millenia HV-3R and converter DAD AX32 and after I compared each response.

Three microphones cluster

Three microphones cluster

Schoeps V4 U showed a smoothed response with an openness high frequency and a solid low end with a very natural image.

All participants liked it!

I’ll post a Schoeps V4 U test soon.





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