Andrea Fedeli: a fine musician and arranger

Today I mastered on some Andrea Fedeli’s songs.

Who is Andrea Fedeli? He is a customer and collaborator, piano player, leader of his jazz trio and an especially fine musician and arranger.

Starting from this year, we agreed on a contract to realise the mastering of all his songs.

As arranger he collaborates with the tv documentary “Overland” (aired on RAI TV) which talks about adventure travel through all continents.
Last July it released the album “Overland 14 – Caucaso” including some songs from that season. I mastered all songs.

Overland 14

Click on the cover to open iTunes page

Logic Pro strikes back


another day with Logic Pro and his trouble…

I have still got problems opening logic project, despite I used AIF files…

To get it solved i changed all audiofiles names and I located them after opening the project….

At this point I had not more problems (I couldn’t believe) and I bounced (Logic worked very slow ) the project into stereo file.

Tomorrow I’ll generate (hope so) a different version of the master:

– Hi-End version (96kHz@24bit)

– Video version (48kHz@16bit)

– Cd version (44.1kHz@16bit)

– MP3 version (320kbits stereo)

Just authorized by my customer I’ll link one or more songs of this work.

…and the mix be with you  😉


Apple Logic in trouble


last saturday night I recorded a jazz concert with my mobile station based on Joeco BlackBox BBR1U. Very fine piece of gear, it’s very stable, it has a very good converter and  it records 24 tracks at a time with a sample rate up to 96kHz@24bit.

BBR1U writes the data streaming directly on external hard disk (USB 3.0) in Wave broadcasting format.

Ok, I recorded, now do I have to mix these tracks, right?

Normally my DAW is Apple Logic Pro 9 but by now I verified that it doesn’t work fine with audio files made on BBR1U: problems to open the project and instability done.

This time the problems have increased probably due to high sample rate (96kHz)

Damn, ten minutes to open the project and frequently freeze… I went crazy…

Yesterday, I tried to convert files in AIF format with Weiss Saracon, but no dice… I had the same problems…

Although these problems yesterday I mixed with Logic and the sound was very fine.

Today back in my studio and the project doesn’t started!

I tried to open the project many times, but no dice. I was desperate…

At last I resolved by saving all files in AIF format (one by one) with Logic Sample Editor window and now it work fine!

So, don’t work Logic with Wave broadcasting? Surely I founded many problems.

Note: today I tried with Pro Tools 10 native and with Harrison Mixbus too and they worked fine (but by now I mixed with Logic).

Tomorrow I’ll close mix and I’ll deliver it to my customer.

Have a nice mix ( I hope),


Great jazz concert at Memo restaurant (Milan)

Last night I worked to record a jazz concert at Memo Restaurant to present a new jazz school in Milan: Born4Music Jazz Department

This show was wonderful and musicians (and teachers too) were great performers.

Giovanni Mazzarino (piano and director of studies), Cinzia Roncelli (vocal), Simone Daclon (piano), Niccolò Cattaneo (hammond), Giuseppe Mirabella (el. guitar), Michele Bozza (sax), Dino Rubino (trumpet), Humberto Amesquita (trombone), Alex Orciari (double bass) and Roberto Paglieri (drums).

I recorded with Joeco BlackBox BBR1U at 96kHz@24bit.

Next week I’ll mix in my studio with Logic and as soon as possible I upload some songs on my Soundcloud account.

Thanks to the kind cooperation of Memo’s resident technic Martino

Cheers 😉

Manuel Consigli iuatwest promotional video


listen (yes, listen) my new video. Manuel Consigli, very fine artist, play guitar solo.

Stereophonics technics, best microphones and preamplifier microphone to make a better sound! (in order: Mid-side tecnichs, Shoeps and Millenia)

Experience, professionality and quality! In oUr ATtitude WE truST!